12 Feb 2024
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       The Rudaki Institute of Language and Literature, at the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, extends a cordial invitation to submit an article or participate in the International Conference dedicated to celebration of Ferdowsi. The conference will delve into the theme: “Historical and Cultural Geography of the “Shahnameh” Ferdowsi”. The event is scheduled to take place in Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan, from October 10-11, 2024. We eagerly anticipate and appreciate your valuable contributions.


1. Historical and Cultural Geography of the “Shahnameh”

2. Geographical names of places in “Shahnameh”.

3. States and dynasties in “Shahnameh”.

4.Rules of government and their elements  in “Shahnameh”.

5. “Shahnameh” and historical reality.

6. Political and economical  issues in “Shahnameh”.

7. Literary, historical and cultural sources of “Shahnameh”.

8. Justice in “Shahnameh”.

9. Myths  in “Shahnameh”

10. “Shahnameh”and «Avesta»

11. Conversion of Ferdowsi in “Shahnameh”

12. Ferdowsi and revival of Ariana .

13. Knowledge of national essence in “Shahnameh”

14. “Shahnameh” of Ferdowsi – National epic

15. Translation, publication and research of “Shahnameh” in East and West  (Eastern and Western countries)

16. Sacredness of  water and fire  in “Shahnameh”

17. Criticism of publications of “Shahnameh”

18. Language, way of expression and style of “Shahnameh” Ferdowsi

19. Reflection of Aryan holidays in “Shahnameh” (Navruz, Sada, Mehrgan, Tirgan).

20. Culture and music in “Shahnameh”

21. The place of Ferdowsi in world literature

22. Astrology and almanac  (calendar) in “Shahnameh”

23. “Shahnameh” and habitat



Institute of Language and Literature named after Abu Abdullah Rudaki of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan

Event date:

Thursday 10th of October, 2024 to Friday 11th of  October, 2024

Event organizer: Dr. Farangis Sharifzoda Khudoi

Key dates

Conference registration is now open

Abstract deadline: 1st of August, 2024 year

Response to abstract: 1st of September, 2024 year

Registration deadline 1st of August, 2024 year

Conference will be held from 10th -11th October, 2024 year

The conference poster and programe are available for downloads below

International Conference Letter of information.pdf

Contact: Dr. Safina Abodulloeva E-mail: safinaabodulloeva77@bk.ru   

Address: Institute of Language and Literature named after Abu Abdullah Rudaki of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, Dushanbe City, 21 Rudaki Avenue, site: www.izar.tj